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custom fine art

by mixed media artist, Susan Stott Miller 

Custom creations of fine art are some of the dearest pieces to me.


There is something so special about being invited into someone's life in such an intimate way.


I feel such a sense of joy creating these pieces - and knowing that the collector is delighted when the finished art is received.


How to Place an Order 









"Hummingbird Stories" is an example of my signature mixed media style.


I love combining layers of stencils, and elements from nature in a whimsical way to surround a realistic face.


This piece was created for my daughter. It's of my granddaughter - who was fascinated with hummingbirds, flowers & butterflies as a baby. 

Hummingbird Stories - Mixed Media Commission Painting by Susan Miller

"Hummingbird Stories"

"Indiana Jones" is a piece I painted for a client who wanted to memorialize a beloved pet.

The client also loves watercolor and requested this medium for her commission.


I enjoyed blending a playful wet on wet painting technique in the dog's coat with realistic techniques used to capture the dog's facial features.

Indie - Watercolor Pet Commission Painting by Susan Miller

"Indiana Jones"

  • How does the process work?
    1. When you commission with me for a painting, this starts a collaborative process. I need your help in finding the inspiration for this painting. I also find that I work best when you trust the painting process that I follow when creating artwork. This means I will have the freedom to paint the way I feel is best for this particular painting that you are receiving from me. I do not copy a painting someone else has done, or even make the painting look exactly like the photo you may provide. The information and the references all work together to provide the inspirational framework of how I will create this piece. I will keep you aware of the process through photos in email. I will continue to ask you to be a part of the development of the painting along the way. 2.You contact me via email or phone 919-8482100 to discuss what you are interested in. I explain my process of designing a painting with your collaboration. We talk about color choices, design elements, images you would like to have in your painting. You may want a portrait painted of your loved one, for example. I will want to learn from you important things about that person and his/her hobbies, work, family life, favorite quotes, any elements of nature or wildlife you may want to see integrated into the painting. I will need to see photos of your loved one, and we will decide from this information which photo would be a good reference for me to use. It is very important that you and I are in agreement at this initial stage what will transpire. 3.You and I will sign a commission contract that will give you the full picture of the price and shipping method, time frame it will take to finish the painting and get it into your hands. It will also describe the size and type of medium we agree upon. We will go over this to make sure you and I are on the same page and we both feel comfortable about the arrangement.
  • How long does it take?
    Because of the nature of rendering a beautiful custom designed painting, I prefer to work within a time frame. I do not have full time studio hours, as I also have other work and services I provide. However, when I take a commission, it is usually done in entirety, start to finish as a priority in my art studio. The length of time to have it finished and into your hands varies depending on the size and detail in the painting. And example of time frame for a larger 24x24 mixed media portrait my be 3 – 4 months. We will talk about your particular commission and come up with a time frame that will be included in your contract.
  • How much does it cost?
    You will be receiving a painting that is custom to you. You helped in the design process. It is not the same as buying a painting that is on the wall at a gallery. It is uniquely yours! The cost of a commissioned painting tends to be higher than paintings that I have for sale in my gallery. You and I will go over the cost which will include the shipping method fees. This will be included in your contract.
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