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 fine art & inspiring workshops

from mixed media artist


Stott Miller

upcoming events
The Amazing Journey of Your Feminine Soul with SoulCollage®

February 24th 2024

10:00am - 4:00pm

Come join us and take time to ground yourself in creative immersion, and go home with a collaged deck of cards that represent you and empower your Feminine Soul to continue to “grow” forth!

Heart2Hands Gallery and Art Studios | Clayton, NC

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Right Brain Business Plan 

ONLINE Summer Mastermind

E-Course Home Study 

& Group Zoom Calls

Upcoming Date TBD


"Susan is an amazing artist and very encouraging. She is just lovely and so helpful. Thanks for this tip: not to get fixated - work with whatever we have, without attachment. This is a life lesson for me and will help me so much! This course was a great way to discover the hidden talent you have, to meet the most amazing people, share and let go. Had the best time of my life!"

Kanu Priya Agarwal

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